Monday, May 30

Body: Got up feeling good, but a bit achey. Run at LCSP was a bit of a letdown, got hot and tired with a mile to go and took a shortcut. That's despite several extended stops, which I thought would make it doable. Well, so I'm not up for a lap yet - that's fixable, and it's not even my goal to be at that point yet.

Brain: Annoyed by social media, so many people being hidden lately. I am near to hiding a former bestie who just can't make time for me/us anymore, not even to send my beloved Heidi across the country, can't be bothered to see her for the last time. Sad, hurt, frustrated, DONE with being treated as second-rate. Trying to find the balance of loving fully, showing unconditional positive regard - and guarding my tender, soft heart. (Still.) (Always?) 

Loved the morning outing with ROUSers & TROUSers, coffee with a small subgroup, and more tentative plans with my Heidi before she bails. In two weeks. Half my heart leaves for California in just two weeks. I ache.

Busied myself with cleaning and packing the camper for the upcoming weekend. This week will be jam-packed with work & planning & packing, but it's survivable because at the end is 48 hours with my hubs & my pups & new trails & beautiful nature. I can't wait to love it!

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