Monday, May 23

Body: Decent, but extremely tight lower back by 3pm. Not helped by mental crank.

Brain: UGH to still doing taxes this time of year. Everything I touched today was either a disaster, or couldn't be finished yet, or both. Very much dislike. Extremely frustrating day. At NSS, CJ actually let me take charge of a couple pieces of it, reminding me that there's only one more night with him, and then FIN: it's all me. YIPE! At home, logged some hubs time & pet time, but not much. These short weeknights are really going to catch up to me. I decided I have to say no to a potential weekend with Amy & peeps up on Lake Superior because I have 5 straight very busy weeks, so I simply must keep my weekends as light as I can. I sure do wish I had greater capacity for all the things I want to do in my life.

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