Monday, May 16

Body: Slept like a rock, but got up exhausted. And hurting, mainly in the glutes/hips. Lower legs usually scream about running, but they were silent today, so that's a plus. Upper back a touch sore. Everything felt a little worse as the day went on.

Brain: Felt like Garfield does about Mondays. Crankypants in a major way, just tired and tired of being at DBB. Weirdly my visit to the eye doctor made me feel stupid and helpless and rotten, because they make you take out your contacts and suddenly you are mad vulnerable, unable to see anyone's face - a very strange feeling, and I hated it. Back to work, and the afternoon flew by because I met with a woman who needed basic QB help, which of course I adore, but there isn't nearly enough of for me. Left determined to talk to boss boys about FT NSS because I am getting all sad about this now. Wonderful quiet evening outside with pooches, then inside with kitties & a book.

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