Friday, May 20

Body: Decent. Absolutely did NOT feel good riding up to Lutsen; had fat fingers & everything. But after being there for about an hour, DQ & I headed out for some SHT miles. My lungs struggled more than the rest of the body (humid) and the second half actually felt better than the first. We finished in the dark, past my bedtime, but I wouldn't have changed a thing.

Brain: Great, fun, busybusy morning at NSS so I could leave early to head Up Nort. Much fun riding up with a pack of excited besties. Perfect breakfast-for-supper at my favorite restaurant. Fabulous hotel discovery (room: cheap, nice, comfy, perfectly located), fabulous trail friends seen, fabulous trail miles gotten. I was Little Miss Hippie Girl out there. I thanked the trees I used as round-the-corner handles, I talked to the moon, I talked the river, I patted a big old rock and thanked it for being it. Bliss.

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