Friday, May 13

Body: Poor night of sleep; I forget which pet is to blame. Was fine until mid-day, impacted by not leaving for lunch (no mental/physical break) and having the place full of people/noise into the afternoon, as we moved furniture and wiring and put up shelving, a hefty dose of chaos in preparation for our impending newbie. For a while I was gritting my teeth in annoyance and wanting everyone to Just Shut Up, so I tried putting in more calories and shaking up my tasks, and that helped. Took it very easy at home in the eve, immersed in a new library book.

Brain: Busy and good all morning until the energy crash. Better after I got past that. Worse at home as I let anxiety creep in and in and IN about competing in the morning. Fears of failing, what if I suck, what if it's weird, why am I doing this, I hate the attempt to do well on a specific day, that's not how my body works, etc. Fairly exhausting.

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