Wednesday, April 27

Body: Crappy sleep; checked my phone at 1a, at 3a, and 5a...ugh. Guts are still not cooperative. Didn't want to eat lunch, and didn't want to work; left at noon. Tried to nap but at most it was a short catnap, I just couldn't fall asleep. Still didn't want to eat, because it was pleasant to NOT have gurgling guts, but no caloric intake doesn't go well with me. At simple spaghetti (rice noodles) and made a fruit/protein smoothie. And guts commenced gurgling...ate the leftover spaghetti for supper. Still same unhappy guys but I stopped feeling pukey at least. 

Brain: Bad sleep left me with lower energy, but not blasted like it might have just a month ago. Still, after I finished a tax return at noon, it sounded daunting to start another; I felt certain that I would hit 2pm and want to I went home. After my pseudo nap, I booked a hotel for Spring Superior, shopped for gifts, and read, surrounded by sleepy pets. It was lovely.

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