Wednesday, April 20

Body: Decent. Woke h/s/g again last night, awake for an hour again. ARGH. Body felt pretty good; some low-back tightness again. No squat aches and some slight upper back ache from bench, but shoulder is better than it's been. In eve, logged a few swings & snatches trying out the "speed switch" - felt awkward and clunky, but new things usually do, right? At least I figured out I could do something neat, and all on my own!

Brain: Mike is outsourcing my C2k5 plan to a company in Staples that does a 5k in mid-June, so I got to babble about the program & how it works & advice & logistics and MAN I wish that making new runners could be a real job. Somewhat frustrating tax work, can't believe the business owners who put no stock in proper bookkeeping. Got to visit an old coworker and help her with a QB thing & chat besides. Fun with fetch & KB & Saturday's online shopping delivery. NOT FUN with two cats in a knock-down, drag-out fight, and no idea what started it. Scary stuff, but they seemed just fine a half hour later? Just call a truce at night, please, bros.

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