Wednesday, April 13

Body: Mostly okay, but that low back is getting worse; stretching must be delicate and careful, lest it be painful. Getting a little concerned at this; I didn't even snatch or FAH yesterday because I was worried about the immense fatigue from Saturday carrying over yet. It's like I'm having a physical reaction to tax season, but now that it's almost over I should be able to tolerate it, shouldn't I? But I can't. Squat legs, shoulder no worse, but immense fatigue by noon. Would've gone home early to nap, but it was possibly my last day of tax season, so I sucked it up and got things done. Barely. In eve, soaked up the spring day. Also went to bed early. 

Brain: I am so done with taxes. So done. I am not feeling any last-minute surge of energy to accomplish things. I am in fact thinking of taking a day off just for the sake of a day off, even though I don't have many PTO days here. But a Wednesday off for no reason whatsoever sounds downright glorious. Maybe make that shopping trip for assorted crap I can't get in my local town(s). Maybe just take the dogs to the park. Maybe just nothing at all, yo. GLORIOUS.

At about 930a, I received a message that I was in fact not rejected to help coach at NSS, that it was a misunderstanding &/or a miscommunication. This is why I need to stop babbling my every thought over the interwebz: I look like a goddamn fool. But in the interest of full, genuine disclosure, in case some idiot is actually reading this nonsense, I'll leave it. Because I really did spend time feeling awful & sad & rejected, and there's no reason to pretend I didn't. I am so fucking tired of people pretending at perfection.

I can't explain how much I enjoyed the hour outdoors. I'm craving me some LCSP. Even caved and spent money on an overpriced Andes pass today. Trails, I need you. See you soon, loves. 

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