Thursday, April 28

Body: Solid night of sleep. Guts trending toward normal, but not there yet. Had a headache mid-morning, which is very rare for me. Session went better than I expected (my expectations were extremely low), and the light deadlifts were me playing conservative given the past few days, rather than pushing to a heavy grind. Eve C25k walk was quite fun, with two pooches along!

Brain: Excellent day at NSS. Boss boys gone meant everyone had a busy day, and also that I had a task to feel out the post-bombshell fallout, which was better than I anticipated. We had a lovely team "meeting" at which everyone was SO chatty that it was good, but also made me sad, that they don't feel that same comfortable openness with the boss boys around. I got a lot of random things done and worked ahead a little to compensate for the coming month-end: a good feeling.

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