Thursday, April 21

Body: Felt really good; left back/shoulder is better, low back is better, left hip is better, most movement feels better. Things still around: wrists not totally okay yet; left hamstring feels tight again after months of nothing; left shoulder still occasionally pinches. In session I was feeling very strong and NORMAL, with things like TGUs feeling TONS better than before, like my tax-season-induced neurological shit storm is finally calming. But my 250x2 deadlifts went up just a little slow, so Chief shut me down there. (Jerk!) (No, obvi I love him, I just don't like to be stopped.) Since my elbow was crank on Tuesday, I had decided I should move FAH to Thursdays - snatch once per week & FAH once per week to maintain until TSC. But my right elbow gave screams so quickly that I bailed at 8 seconds. Instead I went and worked on speed switches for the snatch. SHIT THO. Eve walk with group felt better than Tuesday, although during the walk there were some niggles.

Brain: Really good until Paige did a muscle-up. On next to no training, just a bit of coaching from her CF boy, and BOOM, she can do it. I was green with jealousy; managed not to truly listen to the CIV, but she basically babbled all day about how I tried to build a proper base for them over like months, training intelligently, and fucked up my shoulder so that I had to take them off my bucket list - meanwhile, she can just try them and do it. Le sigh. This is something I should be over by now, but it's not. I'm not. And then I didn't get to try a deadlift PR, and UGH I had to fight to keep from dropping low. Luckily, our staff meeting was packed with Chiefly silliness, and good talks. But then my elbow hated FAH. But then I got a little better at speed switches. And then I had coffee with my BB. And then a bunch of people showed up to walk. And then the silly dogs fetched. And cats snuggled. Still feeling tired & draggy, though.

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