Thursday, April 14

Body: Still tight in lower back. Left shoulder no worse. Upper back spot seems fine. Session showed the wrist is still not yet perfect, but nearly so. PR in deadlifts that looked fairly easy, could've done a couple more I think. Tried FAH but something was off in right elbow (not -itisy, just weird, so I immediately quit); no snatches to flare up the low back. Afternoon the whole NSS played hooky in Dawn's yard, where I soaked up Vitamin D like it was my only nutrient. Then walked at LCSP with two of my favorites, plus my delighted pooches.

Brain: A great day. Work knocked out, a deadlift PR, an incredibly amazingly generous gift from the NSS boss boys, an afternoon hookying, a walk with my beloveds in my beloved LCSP, and no need to work this Saturday. Pretty much impossible to top this day, I'd say.

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