Sunday, April 3

Body: I listened to the tiny Dustin inside my head today, although maybe not entirely. Since the hip, shoulder, and even hamstring have all been cranky this week, I decided to deload. But maybe not entirely. I did legitimately back down the squat to see if the hip happies up this week, and did 5x5 on bench & deadlift. While those felt to my brain like a deload, they were not in reality. Bench was bordering on doable, although deadlifts got better as sets went on. Volume was redonk...I don't think that's how a deload works! Lazy rest of the day, although no nap.

Brain: Great workout, lovely lunch with Holea (seems in a genuinely good place now that her next destination is decided), then a truly wondertastic visit with JB and her adorbs puppy Emmy, who is the same breed as Hank. So a baby Hanky, who we never got to see! We sat in the lawn playing with her, laughing at her, talking about running and work and dog parks and taking time for oneself. It was an unexpected delight. I'm looking forward to Emmy's readiness to hit the dog park in a few weeks, for some play dates! Accomplished most of my chores the rest of the day with the hubs' help, and had time for reading, but not so much writing, which I can tell is causing some brain troubles.

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