Sunday, April 24

Body: Felt good from the start, and warmup felt good, so I had high hopes for lifting. Forgot to judge my own OHP and nailed the 65x5 I've been aiming at for the past month. Bench felt better than it has lately, but was still a major grind to get 125x2. Deadlift was an incredibly heavy 225x1, total max effort. Ugh. Looking back, I suspect either a return to heavy-ish squats or running (even just doing half & half for 5 miles?!) is making deadlifts drop. Crapsticks! Well, easy enough to shut down both for another few weeks, I guess. Added carbz & a nap to my day for a recovery focus.

Brain: Decent. Crappy lifting didn't bring me down, just left me curious. Family outing with the pooches and nieces & nephews that was tiring but fun. Nap time with the kittehs. Productive chore time with the hubs.

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