Sunday, April 17

Body: Get up feeling quite good after a solid night of sleep. Right calf a little tight all day, like it's considering cramping. Lifting went okay: happy squat (though still light); better OH press than last week; bench okay but I wasted a lot of energy in set 3's bad grip. I had SUCH high hopes for deadlifts after the warm-up set felt like an empty bar, but the following sets were all grinders. Sheesh. Then I looked at my volume spreadsheet and realized how high Thursday was, and felt less disappointed by today. Wanted to do swings, but that weirdness in back left shoulder seemed to say no fast movements should be done.

Brain: Solid. Knocked out bills by 8am. Soaked up a bit of the beautiful morning. Lifted decently. Filmed 8467 attempts at a couch to 5k video (videos are HARD for perfectionists!) until I called one good 'nuff. Knocked out proper food prep for what felt like the first time in ages. Listened to a humorous audiobook. Laughed at dogs. Finished every chore, and even had time to read.

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