Sunday, April 10

Body: 12 hours in bed, but choppy sleep that didn't make much of a dent in Saturday's exhaustion. Still, felt decent enough to lift by noon or so, but it didn't go well. Fine to start, but the lower back of my neck / upper back tightened up after final overhead presses, and left me certain it was time to truly deload, lest it lock up completely. I thought about doing different stuff entirely, but I hoped moving through the grooves would still be beneficial. I cut sets and used truly deload-worthy weights, and still everything felt heavy, and the neck meant being very careful. A forced deload is so much worse than a planned one! Hopefully taking it so light today means that I'm recovered by Tuesday.

Brain: Decent. Dangerous territory, being physically depleted and forced to deload due to a minor injury, but I kept the cunty voice shut down. Got a lot accomplished (though not all), and read a lot, and relaxed as much as I could, and did not leave the house, although the parents did stop over and I had to tolerate the usual admonitions about how I need to clean X better. (Does a mother ever stop telling her daughter how poorly she's housekeeping? Aren't there any other women who similarly don't give a fuck, or is it just me?)

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