Saturday, April 9

Body: Again, a shitty night of sleep - you'd have thought I was competing in the morning! Had great energy throughout the entire meet, but cleaning up dragged on & on, and I was hungry, and I was getting cranky about some of our help being less helpful than I expected them to be. I downed a protein shake during clean-up to survive, and ate chips on the way home, where I ate a normal supper, then took my book to the couch. I was exhausted; could hardly focus and keep my eyes open. Went to bed at 8p, no joke.

Brain: Once again, grateful I arrived earlier than told, because the place turned into a bit of a madhouse right quick, and not for a second was I looking for something to do. Rode high on adrenaline all day long. Loved the chitchat with people, wish I'd had time for more, but I seemed to be the only one who could see the overflowing garbages that I changed at every break, and always needed the bathroom or a snack, and then BOOM, back to the action and back at my computer. I did deeply love having a task that meant being front & center to see every single lift (running the software). Would have hated being out on the "deal with people & facility" job and missing all of it. Huge emotional high watching people accomplish something scary, or merely heavy, and seeing the delighted faces at achieving something they wanted so badly. It was the most fun EVAH, and I'd gladly give another 12-hour day to be a part of something so incredible. I still have zero desire to compete, but much desire to see what I'm capable of as long as I continue. Watching some seriously amazing feats of strength will do that to you!

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