Saturday, April 23

Body: Solid. Left foot soreness from yesterday was nothing today, not even with the morning walk. Checked FAH but right elbow was still there if it wasn't in a perfect position, so I dropped. Not sure how to maintain or recover since our mock TSC is only 3 weeks away. Real one is today, and I'm anxious to see the scores. Came home from LAPW expo needing a nap, very drained after that, on top of a crappy night's sleep (Lexi needed out at 330a!), but Clyde was an asshole and a nap didn't happen. Got up cranky and dreading the tax firm party, just because people; can you say "introvert"?

Brain: Decent. Lovely morning walk, happy with the turnout. Chitchat with some of my runner peeps afterward. LAPW expo was a disappointment; I was located in a place where it was easy for people to ignore me, so most of them did. I did talk to one parent about her gymnast daughter, but that was literally the only "lead" type conversation that I had. I felt useless & like my morning was totally wasted. I did get to chat with some LAPW & TS peeps that I've missed, and hang with my mom & her friend, so that was nice at least. Plotted out spring/summer/fall running to tailor to WD50k...not gonna lie, it looks pretty fucking ambitious; but then, I always build it up for "no sign of injury issues, pure trail bliss" and dial back as necessary. Tax party was quite fun after all, what's not to love about AYCE steak & lobster?

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