Saturday, April 16

Body: Slept in as long as the dogs would let me, which was only 545a, but better than nothing. Took the dogs go the trails with Heidi & Harper, and my lower legs were a little cranky; sore shin muscles - but not alarming at this point. Annoying, but predictable. I did toss in some running spurts at the end, but was not wearing the proper top, so they were very short. Felt awkward, and deep right glute felt a little shocked by it. Napped two hours and spent the rest of the day reading & tired.

Brain: Decided against the debated St Cloud visit and instead shopped online, from the silence of my home, and for once I didn't even hesitate at a $6 shipping fee since it saved me hours of road rage. Caught up on some backlogged writing and scrubbed emails a bit. Made plans to meet Amy & Juliet, though that's still two months away. Met up with a beloved on trails with pooch antics, and it was glorious. Enjoyed a deep nap. Finished a book I just started yesterday (31 so far this year!). Cancelled on BK's bonfire and managed to NOT feel guilty, though I was frustrated by how TIRED and DELICATE I felt. Ugh. Seemed like I could have mustered up the energy and enjoyed myself, but I would have paid for it tomorrow. Chose self-preservation, for once. Go me!

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