Friday, April 22

Body: Pretty good. Little sore from deadlifts, little bit tight left hamstring, decent everything else though. Decided to give my elbow another day off FAH and try them tomorrow morning between the C25k and working the LAPW expo. Took the pooches LCSP-ing on a most glorious spring day, and felt better than I expected to. Some yelps from my right ankle toward the end, and the left foot's big toe/ball were screamy afterward...newer pair of NB Minimus, only the second time they've been worn, so maybe just that. Will rotate, as always.

Brain: Meh. Busy workday, then everyone was gone by 1pm and I was left in blissful silence. But at that point I had all my major deadline-type stuff done, and needed to work on project-y things...which I was not in the mood for. Prepared for tomorrow's expo, gave myself a way to work on C25k blog posts over the weekend, and then bailed an hour early. Felt tremendously guilty, even though in I'll be working a few hours on behalf of NSS tomorrow, so WTF do I have to worry about? Nothing, I'm just trained to feel this way.

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