Friday, April 15

Body: Again h/s/g at 1am, and an hour before I fell asleep. I do NOT understand why this happens anymore. My calories are on par, and my macros are relatively so. Do I really need to get it all perfectly perfect?! Slightly aching feet and ankles from the LCSP walk that I didn't expect. Given all my standing, it feels like I should be able to walk for one little hour without a reaction. Well, it's a good reminder that I need to follow the C25k plan guidelines myself.

Possible ill effect of deadlift PR in left shoulder/back area. Feels a bit strained but not sharp, only a slight ache. But different than the "usual" shoulder thing. Feels like I should do some carries to help cement in the perfect posture, especially after all these weeks of computer work for 60 hours. Logged yesterday's FAH and managed 80s despite the week off: woo hoo! I think yesterday's elbow weirdness was merely missing the perfect hand placement. All of this seems to be a sign that things are teetering on the edge of injury and I must be careful. So, careful I shall be. 4 more weeks until the mock TSC, and after that I can stop some of this foolishness.

Brain: Decent. A chatty Friday meant I fell behind as usual. And poor sleep left me a little impatient. There were moments that I wished I had ear buds in. I don't WANT to do that, because I hate how closed-off it looks, and I want clients to approach me if needed. I want to be open to real work questions, and some chitchat, but not the all-day blathering. Had lunch with Timmy and heard about her potential life upheavals and thoroughly enjoyed catching up. At home, was delighted to have complete silence to decompress.

I have nothing to do tomorrow, and the freedom to do absolutely anything I want. It's the only Saturday I'll be able to say that until July 2, due to C25k. Naturally, I am at a complete loss as to how I should spend it.

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