Wednesday, March 9

Body: Decent. Poor sleep; up at 1a h/s/g, then woken at 330a, 430a, & finally 515a by my stupid GD pets. Debated LCSPing tonight but honestly I'm feeling like even if I could keep up with my TROUSers (been a month off, so surely not), I don't want to feel the after-effects tomorrow. While running regularly, aches & pains aren't too acute, the body learns to recover quickly, but with a month off, I'm going to feel it, and I don't want to feel it. I do miss HH & DQ & Ma Nature, but not enough to fuck with my deadlifts.

Brain: Decent. Long busy work day that included catching up with a buddy, which was nice (he reminds me a lot of my brother), but he likes to operate in the shady gray areas of Tax Land, and didn't seem thrilled when my answer to "What should it be?" was always "Whatever is accurate." Poor guy, stuck with a tax accountant who's ethical to the core!

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