Wednesday, March 2

Body: Better than I expected it to feel after yesterday's session, found myself bracing for pain as I got out of bed, but nothing came. All other aches about the same. Feeling very tired, though.

Brain: Meh. Woke naturally but got up a little on the tired & cranky side. Political anger: that fool #Drumpf is a fucking arrogant asshole of a person, and people think he should be our GD president?! He is a joke. A sick, terrible, not-funny joke. But I do not have energy to blow on this; let the ambitious get up in arms, and I will be a shitty citizen who is too involved in her own life to care. Got to DBB with anxiety about 4 back-to-back appointments with unknown clients that I was NOT looking forward to, but one canceled, 2 were fine (almost fun?) and 1 was just an odd duck. Wasn't as productive as usual with all the interruptions, though: not how I like to work. At home, much relaxing with critters, but a touch of angst over hubs and job. 

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