Tuesday, March 29

Body: Solid once again. Dustin let me squat all the way up to 115, and there was no pain, although there was aggravation later in the day: fucksticks. Pulls felt better than they have in AGES, although they ripped open my healing blood blister. Bench went great and I even tried for a double 140, which I missed, but more so I ran out of steam to recover a slightly "off groove" path. I absolutely can NOT be disappointed in missing a second rep of 140! Shoulder was slightly backward at end of day, although nothing in session seemed to have bothered it at the time? Flexed arm hangs were tough so I put the emphasis on 2nd/3rd sets instead. Skipped snatches to let the skin heal; thought I'd go home and do swings outside, but instead I got distracted by house chores with the windows open and (somewhat chilly) fresh air blowing in.

Brain: Excellent. Fun, productive day at NSS. Good talks with Chief. Fetch and brushing ecstatic pets outside before the sun hid behind clouds. Time spent plotting out couch to 5k marketing at home was quite fun and got me very excited about it. Quiet reading time with critters snugged in tight. Sunday brunch date scheduled with Holea.

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