Tuesday, March 22

Body: Feeling great. Had a fantastic session, squats still pain-free, and benched 145 - not pretty, quite a battle, but I GOT IT. I also then immediately weighed myself, and I'm 149 - SO CLOSE to benching my bodyweight! After a couple hours, I did FAH & hit a new PR, and then snatches with another PR and a blood blister that didn't bother me...until I realized it'll fuck with Thursday's chins & deadlifts if it doesn't go down/stop hurting before then. Shit!

New chips at Elden's, olive oil SALT & VINEGAR chips - my favorite, long-lost love! They do have maltodextrin so I limited myself to half a bag as a test. I've had some acne recently, and it's either the Elden's hot dogs that have some corn syrup, the Daiya pizza eaten in one sitting, or the entire bag(s) of chips eaten in one sitting.

Brain: Excellent. Good day of NSS work, good session, fun/happy coworkers. Fetch at home, including outdoor Oscar lunges, and time to read on the couch with the family.

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