Tuesday, March 15

Body: Still feeling good. Wrists are ow both being little bitches, but didn't stop me from anything. Left shoulder slightly backward at end of day. Hip continues to feel good, so Dustin let me squat, although he made me stick with the empty bar (booo). Pulls were stagnant, but at least not backward. Bench was the smoothest 140 I could've imagined, should've tried for a second rep, but I was almost as shocked as Dustin at how quick & clean it was; plus, no failure, please. Woo hoo! Did flexed arm hangs and was able to get back up to 70 seconds (though it felt like my lats were gonna 'splode). I did snatches as well, easily logged 125 in 4:00, and then went looking up the winner of the TSC's numbers, and god damn I could do pretty well in this thing?

Except we are only doing a mock, so now I am busy asking myself if I want to do the actual, in the Cities, to get a ranking? But then I would not also do the mock, which means one less person, and it's probably already fairly small. Dustin mentioned the October one, but that's right before my 50k, and I won't count on my deadlift continuing to improve over the summer while also logging big trail miles - and I already decided I'm going all in on that 50k, dammit.

So...do I want to do it in order to see how well I can do, or do I want to do it to compete, to put my name up in those rankings?

Brain: Great day at NSS, finished up a drawn-out project and started some small/early pieces of major website stuff. Can't finish it, waiting for Mike, but at least I got some progress made. Good coworker chitchats. Big high from the great lifting. Visited the library, one of my favorite places on earth, and browsed new books, and found a secluded corner to read in near some loud vents (thus masking all other sounds), and was basically in heaven. At home: fetch with Lexi, snuggles with Clyde & Oscar & Hanky, time with hubs, and resetting my 2016 book-reading goal to an astronomical level (2 per week) because why not?

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