Tuesday, March 1

Body: Still just all-over MEH though nothing is currently sharply angry. QLs truly didn't like lunges in session, like I was genuinely not sure I should be doing them, kept weight the same and sets 3 & 4 were much improved. Bench went totes fucking awesome. Logged FAH but right elbow got crank toward end, and I know it was vaguely crank last week, so I didn't do the additional sets.

Brain: Better. Silly texts with Chief in the AM. Good meeting. Coworker silliness. Coworker awesomeness. Good chat with the client who was feeling so poorly last week. Good session. Much work accomplished even though I felt overwhelmed for part of the day. Friday lunch date set w/ SM. Silliness trying to figure out the March pet lift (Lexi lost her shit when I tried to pick her up). Snuggles with pets in a silent house. Hubs chat about job possibilities (for him).

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