Thursday, March 24

Body: Quite good. Blood blister is flat but still needed to be taped up; by end of session, tape was peeled off, and the blood was GONE (& not in the bandage). So weird. Session was surprisingly awesome; given earlier PRs, no Dustin, and the wrong time, I thought at best I could hope for maintenance, but during warm-up it was clear I felt GOOD. And deadlifts felt light, and Steve let me work up to 235, and because there was no Chief to stop me at two, I did four. And they were a SOLID four. Fuck yeah, bro! (1RM calc: 261. OH HELLZ YEAH.) I feel like I should never run again, just deadlift until I die. Left shoulder a touch backward by the end of the day, but I'll take it!

Brain: Happy day at NSS, then kickass lifting, then free lunch, all happy happiness. Quiet at home that included fetch, outdoor Oscar lunges, reading, and watching four deer stroll through the yard. They made me miss LCSP viewings of their kin. Maybe I'll get back to trail running after all. 

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