Thursday, March 17

Body: Feeling quite good. Session went really well, deadlifts from the floor (at last!) flew up, although Dustin kept me reigned in, and I was quite annoyed by him for it. (Doesn't he get that I gotta take the good days whenever I get them, because there is little rhyme or reason as to when or why they come?!) I tried to add snatches after flexed arm hangs, but my calluses refused to allow it, so I did swings. And then once again I was delighted to feel the urge to round up my pulls.

Brain: Solid. Got a lot done, enjoyed my coworkers and bosses, had a fun session, had a fun meeting, enjoyed a little NSS celebration of our clients before heading home. Incredibly generous donation to Relay from the huz of my much-missed friend Mary. I can't even explain why I think about her so often, other than because cancer fucking sucks. It was quite gratifying to see that donation coming from someone so impacted, and so large besides. I literally had tears in my eyes and a hand over my heart as I read the donation. A very good day.

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