Thursday, March 10

Body: Feeling pretty janky. Left hip went backward, by quite a bit. Tested crawls for the first time in ages and they were a no-go for the hip, plus the left wrist (angered on Sunday) was also immediately crank. Deadlifts felt heavy, chins were hard, but I rowed an 88-lb KB like it was light - which felt pretty damn good. Some day I'm climbing a rope, yo! Flexed arm hangs were much harder than they were before my week off (for right elbow).

Since there is definitely going to be a mock TSC in just two months, I decided to put some more focus into that by way of swings; do them on the reg, should help snatches, right? So at home, feeling like I wanted something, ANYthing to do outside, I brought out my KB and did SA swings. Just 100 in sets of 20, keeping it easy. Besides, I had a game of fetch to play. I also logged some dead-hang pulls to round my day up to 50, something I haven't wanted to do since December.

Brain: Good work day, although nervous about the workload coming my way, in the form of several projects that will be due before tax season ends so I'm not sure how I'll squeeze them in. Had much fun at NSS, including some great coworker chats.

Coming home feeling energized was a fresh feeling, something missing for many months now. Logging extra pulls, looking for an outside activity, updating my volume spreadsheet, all of my desire to do any of that has been missing. I actually thought about it quite a bit, and realized that I'm feeling the way I want to feel again. This is the me I want to be. I sure do hope I can keep it this way, because the miserable me was no fun to be.

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