Sunday, March 6

Body: Not enough sleep, because I went to bed late, but Hanky got me up early: 445, 530, 630, effing jerk. Body mostly decent, but left hip still extra off. Almost didn't want to lift, felt weirdly pressured to perform. But it's my ONE DAY to play. So I skipped lunges to work the hips & test squat movements; did 5x5 for bench & deadlift to avoid heavy/possible failure. I planned to do snatches for the first time in weeks, but calluses were screaming after only 15 reps each; I should try NSS's bells, handles are different. Also checked cleans just to see if it was something to play with, and seem to have cranked my left wrist a bit, so that was a crappy ending. Talked hubs into LCSP-ing with the dogs, which wasn't awesome because Hank kept dragging me along and I had bad form for most of it, and got cranky. Still, it seemed smarter to take a walk with them than to try running and be sad at how hard it is. Napped when we got home, because I could. QLs tight in eve; pretty sure that's a result of the bad form while walking.

Brain: Okay. Spent morning paying bills and projecting finances given hubs' job change, and was reduced to a fearful zombie-stare at our spending levels. I feel like considering going FT at NSS isn't even a possibility for me (because I can't take a salary cut from my current level, and they can't really justify paying me at my current level) until hubs finds side money, or establishes more OT than I'm expecting at this point. That is a shitty feeling, to have the decision taken away from me. But maybe I can find spending to cut. (I mean, I know I can, I just don't want to take away all the fun.)

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