Sunday, March 20

Body: Very good. Left shoulder still a whiny bitch, but a touch better each day, and didn't interfere with lifting, though it was crankier after than before. Left hip still there, but I was able to squat without pain. Kept those nice & light, more just moving it to groove it; gave that set's effort to chins & OHP. Then I indulged a rare (rare at home) desire for heavy singles on bench & deadlift. It paid off with a "basement/spotterless PR" on bench (130) and two glorious deadlift PRs (230 and 245). Felt very solid, and I rewarded myself by skipping the planned swings. I'm really feeling quite happy about giving up running for the winter and fully investing in lifting. It's paying off huge dividends!

Today while deadlifting, debating whether to go for the second PR, I had the realization that I am engaging in biofeedback in these workouts. I may not be using Sir Dave's ROM version, but I am definitely listening to my body and respecting its responses. A few weeks ago, I refused to strain to budge 225, while today I had zero doubt I could hit 245, because I FELT it in the way the 230 was smooth & easy. If that had felt janky, or if even 215 had been sketchy, I would have ended my session there. Instead, I proceeded because the body told me I could. And, boom: easy PRs.

Afterward, napped two hours (!) and got up feeling good, had energy to knock out all the chores.

Brain: Excellent. Survived bill paying, had good talk with hubs on job ideas (he's not real thrilled with this one), felt like a champion after lifting, some FB silliness, some snuggly pets. Hubs & I jointly made grub for the week, he cleaned, I battled the new laptop, we both had couch time with critters, it was a good day.

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