Sunday, March 13

Body: Decent, mostly. Left wrist is fairly crank. Left shoulder mildly. Left hip only occasionally screams. Very little aching from yesterday, happily so. Lifting went well, in that I was able to squat without pain; empty bar, but sometimes even that is progress. Benching was okay. Deadlifting wasn't stellar, as I tested sumo; I think the body likes semi-sumo better. Logged a load of swings at the end that pretty well finished me. Napped solidly, then felt a little on the tired side for the rest of the day.

Brain: Decent. Got a whole lot accomplished. Lifting went well. Meal-prepped for the first time in ages. Finally bought a new laptop to replace the hunk o' junk I've been angry with for years now. All chores accomplished, including carnitas in the crockpot! A little writing, but no reading.

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