Saturday, March 5

Body: Left hip is weird, feels strained on outside in a way it hasn't for quite a while, but it's pretty strange since I did nothing yesterday. Left shoulder a touch crankier than it's been. Quite tired by mid-day; went home early to nap with kittens.

Brain: Another Saturday at the tax firm, mixing it up by doing Dad's bookwork over lunch. Thrilling.

SIDEBAR: Actually, I spent most of the day completely frustrated by a combo of shitty bookkeeping and shady [presumed] tax evasion. Some business owners run personal expenses through a business, lowering their taxes, which is effectively stealing from the rest of us who pay our honest amount. And yet it's cool, accepted, they'd probably tell me straight to my face that they do it. This is against the law, not to mention unethical, and they have no shame in it. Fuck them. Fuck them so hard; they are THIEVES.


Left early to nap, not even 7 hours worked, couldn't even care. Afterward, watched It's Always Sunny episodes with the fam: excellent.

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