Saturday, March 12

Body: Feeling quite good. Helped by sleeping in, I'm sure! Little movement throughout the morning, then leashed up my pooches for a walk/run at LCSP. Felt excellent, since I walked up hills or down (depending) and after 3 miles began walking through shaded areas as well, being on the prairie section and starting to feel the heat (65F in the first part of March is NOT normal!). Did feel the deep-glute ache (right side) toward the end & afterward, but not so bad as to be worrisome - just kind of "there." Hips had nothing to say about any of it, which was nice.

Brain: Awesome. Slept in, and had my first Saturday off since New Year's weekend. Volunteered at Sweatin' For A Cause, which was beyond fun (Dustin & I ran the Tic Tac Toe game, which was a freaking BLAST), then an oil change, during which I strolled to the Grain Bin, then Caribou, then back, in lovely sunshine (across unlovely parking lots and grassy patches full of litter). Soon as I got home, I was jonesing to hit the trails. The perfect weather, the mud and puddles, the happy dogs, the NATURE OF IT ALL, was pure golden perfection. I actually felt the tug of trail running again, which has been missing. However, I am also glad the weather is turning back to crappy after this, because I need to focus on TSC, not trails - not just yet. The timing of it should hopefully line up well to allow a full-fledged return to trail love as soon as TSC is completed. In the eve, went to Jennah's party, then out to eat with hubs, one last little date before we clamp down on spending.

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