Monday, March 7

Body: Tight QLs, same pain in left Sartorius. Tired at 230p, but a snack helped me make it through. For supper I had a protein/banana/blueberry shake between DBB & NSS, and it actually did tide me over quite well. A solid experiment.

Brain: Decent, for a Monday spent on taxes. Got to to pop into NSS to help with a small sale, then the RFL meeting which was fine, but a bit tedious. At home, learned the hubs has already started his new job; sounds like it will be okay, if a little time for him to get used to it. I'm disappointed in the way he left his job, but given how rotten it had become, I can understand his need to just GTFO ASAP, and it's hard to hold it against him. Hope it turns out to be what he's been needing, and hope I can adjust to the lower pay more easily than I'm currently fearing.

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