Friday, March 18

Body: Awake 1-2a (h/s/g, due to a supper of only potato chips); despite getting up for water, bathroom, Larabar, much tossing & turning before finally falling back. Started the day with energy, but lost it entirely by noon or so.

Brain: Did well, productive and busy all morning, getting all of my Friday tasks nailed, but then hit the wall and struggled. Couldn't tackle any big projects, so chipped away at some smaller ones, like my beloved walk to run program, and then got some anxiety over all of the stuff coming. Honestly if Chief hadn't been around and available and on the silly side, I would've gone home early to take a proper nap. Instead I did enjoy the fun chitchat with him & Paige, and saw my BB (egg delivery!) and then headed home. Spent some time getting the new laptop working (much time yet to spend, though, UGH), but mostly read or FBd, not a lot of energy available.What a far cry from last Friday, when I was desperate to do anything outdoors!

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