Wednesday, March 30

Body: Solid. Sleep has been weird lately; feeling like I need a lot more of it than I'm getting, despite getting plenty. Lazy day, taxy day. Hip slightly backward. Shoulder slightly backward. Wrist still not normal. Thinking of amputating my left side.

Brain: Busy tax day, very productive, decent energy, nothing to see here.

Tuesday, March 29

Body: Solid once again. Dustin let me squat all the way up to 115, and there was no pain, although there was aggravation later in the day: fucksticks. Pulls felt better than they have in AGES, although they ripped open my healing blood blister. Bench went great and I even tried for a double 140, which I missed, but more so I ran out of steam to recover a slightly "off groove" path. I absolutely can NOT be disappointed in missing a second rep of 140! Shoulder was slightly backward at end of day, although nothing in session seemed to have bothered it at the time? Flexed arm hangs were tough so I put the emphasis on 2nd/3rd sets instead. Skipped snatches to let the skin heal; thought I'd go home and do swings outside, but instead I got distracted by house chores with the windows open and (somewhat chilly) fresh air blowing in.

Brain: Excellent. Fun, productive day at NSS. Good talks with Chief. Fetch and brushing ecstatic pets outside before the sun hid behind clouds. Time spent plotting out couch to 5k marketing at home was quite fun and got me very excited about it. Quiet reading time with critters snugged in tight. Sunday brunch date scheduled with Holea.

Monday, March 28

Body: Quite good, no real impact from yesterday's lifting. Awesome! At home, played fetch, then laziness. Might force daily swings with the new month, but for now 10 hours of taxes just drags the energy down too far.

Brain: Solid. Busy day of taxes, but got to see a friend (when she picked up her taxes). But also did the taxes of a couple who I'm positive gives us paperwork full of lies, and is basically stealing from the government (which is to say: you & me, friend) and this kind of shit makes me hate tax time. Fucking liars, and I'm helping them steal? UGH.

Sunday, March 27

Body: Feeling great; logged a kickass workout in which everything felt good and I dialed back my ambition yet still hit some PRs. Took a short hike at the parents, including some running (to get Hank to leave a brush pile& chase me instead), and also some running at the MIL's (to fetch a leash to pull Hank away from the neighbor's).

Brain: Good despite having to leave home. Hubs had the same reaction, "It's my one day! I don't want to leave! Holidays are DUMB." Solid lifting made me feel like a superhero, had fun at the family events especially watching hilarious pooches. Pretty tired by the end of the day without the proper Sunday nap. I even forgot my daily Oscar lunge!

Saturday, March 26

Body: Had a 1am wakeup, blaming too many calories at supper, like COME ON brain, why can't you remember this and get your shit together? Chips OR fake ice cream, not both. Touch of achiness today, but nothing concerning. Crashed mid-day and went home early to nap. Lazy rest of day.

Brain: Taxurday yet again, but today is one of ten remaining tax days, so it's single digits to go after this, so COME AT ME, BRO. #igotthis. I didn't really want to be there, though. Worked through lunch (scarfed some carbs), and left early to nap. Just mentally bleah, more so than physically; probably heavily influenced by the knowledge I have to leave my house tomorrow. There shouldn't be holidays during tax season!

Friday, March 25

Body: Feels quite good, considering yesterday's workout - a sign I had more reps in me! At home I even considered outdoor swings, but was kind of MEH about it, so I didn't bother. 

Brain: Solid. Chitchat with SM, long rambly talk with CJ, much work done at NSS, long lunch with my BB, some silliness, still a mental high from yesterday's workout, fetch with pooches, quiet time to read many pages. What else does a girl need?

Thursday, March 24

Body: Quite good. Blood blister is flat but still needed to be taped up; by end of session, tape was peeled off, and the blood was GONE (& not in the bandage). So weird. Session was surprisingly awesome; given earlier PRs, no Dustin, and the wrong time, I thought at best I could hope for maintenance, but during warm-up it was clear I felt GOOD. And deadlifts felt light, and Steve let me work up to 235, and because there was no Chief to stop me at two, I did four. And they were a SOLID four. Fuck yeah, bro! (1RM calc: 261. OH HELLZ YEAH.) I feel like I should never run again, just deadlift until I die. Left shoulder a touch backward by the end of the day, but I'll take it!

Brain: Happy day at NSS, then kickass lifting, then free lunch, all happy happiness. Quiet at home that included fetch, outdoor Oscar lunges, reading, and watching four deer stroll through the yard. They made me miss LCSP viewings of their kin. Maybe I'll get back to trail running after all. 

Wednesday, March 23

Body: Shoulder slightly better than it's been. Hip not worse from squats. See, benching and squatting FIXES things!

Brain: Decent. Busy. Quiet home, though, which was lovely. Getting a full hour of reading just about every night makes for a happy girl.

Tuesday, March 22

Body: Feeling great. Had a fantastic session, squats still pain-free, and benched 145 - not pretty, quite a battle, but I GOT IT. I also then immediately weighed myself, and I'm 149 - SO CLOSE to benching my bodyweight! After a couple hours, I did FAH & hit a new PR, and then snatches with another PR and a blood blister that didn't bother me...until I realized it'll fuck with Thursday's chins & deadlifts if it doesn't go down/stop hurting before then. Shit!

New chips at Elden's, olive oil SALT & VINEGAR chips - my favorite, long-lost love! They do have maltodextrin so I limited myself to half a bag as a test. I've had some acne recently, and it's either the Elden's hot dogs that have some corn syrup, the Daiya pizza eaten in one sitting, or the entire bag(s) of chips eaten in one sitting.

Brain: Excellent. Good day of NSS work, good session, fun/happy coworkers. Fetch at home, including outdoor Oscar lunges, and time to read on the couch with the family.

Monday, March 21

Body: Surprisingly good after yesterday's lifting; I think the lower volume saved me from aching despite the heavy weight. Another reason to avoid high reps! Too long of a work day to have energy for swings at home.

Brain: Got up decent, especially after seeing the congratulatory text from Chief on my deadlift. Had a productive taxy day, although quite long. Ended feeling good and enjoyed another quiet night at home.

Sunday, March 20

Body: Very good. Left shoulder still a whiny bitch, but a touch better each day, and didn't interfere with lifting, though it was crankier after than before. Left hip still there, but I was able to squat without pain. Kept those nice & light, more just moving it to groove it; gave that set's effort to chins & OHP. Then I indulged a rare (rare at home) desire for heavy singles on bench & deadlift. It paid off with a "basement/spotterless PR" on bench (130) and two glorious deadlift PRs (230 and 245). Felt very solid, and I rewarded myself by skipping the planned swings. I'm really feeling quite happy about giving up running for the winter and fully investing in lifting. It's paying off huge dividends!

Today while deadlifting, debating whether to go for the second PR, I had the realization that I am engaging in biofeedback in these workouts. I may not be using Sir Dave's ROM version, but I am definitely listening to my body and respecting its responses. A few weeks ago, I refused to strain to budge 225, while today I had zero doubt I could hit 245, because I FELT it in the way the 230 was smooth & easy. If that had felt janky, or if even 215 had been sketchy, I would have ended my session there. Instead, I proceeded because the body told me I could. And, boom: easy PRs.

Afterward, napped two hours (!) and got up feeling good, had energy to knock out all the chores.

Brain: Excellent. Survived bill paying, had good talk with hubs on job ideas (he's not real thrilled with this one), felt like a champion after lifting, some FB silliness, some snuggly pets. Hubs & I jointly made grub for the week, he cleaned, I battled the new laptop, we both had couch time with critters, it was a good day.

Saturday, March 19

Body: Pretty good. Stable energy despite mental frustrations. No desire to do anything when I got home, but not completely wiped & useless, either.

Brain: Solid. Dogs got me up early and I was super angry, but capable of recovering. Workday wasn't too frustrating, included another visit by a buddy that I enjoy talking with. Even talked to him about hiring the hubs! DID get super bogged down by a fucked-up phone that appeared to be completely useless for most of the day, but I got it working and went home with a tall sense of achievement. Also nearly finished the uncle & aunt's tax return, another little task out of the way. Time with critters reading, time with hubs, a good weekend workday.

Friday, March 18

Body: Awake 1-2a (h/s/g, due to a supper of only potato chips); despite getting up for water, bathroom, Larabar, much tossing & turning before finally falling back. Started the day with energy, but lost it entirely by noon or so.

Brain: Did well, productive and busy all morning, getting all of my Friday tasks nailed, but then hit the wall and struggled. Couldn't tackle any big projects, so chipped away at some smaller ones, like my beloved walk to run program, and then got some anxiety over all of the stuff coming. Honestly if Chief hadn't been around and available and on the silly side, I would've gone home early to take a proper nap. Instead I did enjoy the fun chitchat with him & Paige, and saw my BB (egg delivery!) and then headed home. Spent some time getting the new laptop working (much time yet to spend, though, UGH), but mostly read or FBd, not a lot of energy available.What a far cry from last Friday, when I was desperate to do anything outdoors!

Thursday, March 17

Body: Feeling quite good. Session went really well, deadlifts from the floor (at last!) flew up, although Dustin kept me reigned in, and I was quite annoyed by him for it. (Doesn't he get that I gotta take the good days whenever I get them, because there is little rhyme or reason as to when or why they come?!) I tried to add snatches after flexed arm hangs, but my calluses refused to allow it, so I did swings. And then once again I was delighted to feel the urge to round up my pulls.

Brain: Solid. Got a lot done, enjoyed my coworkers and bosses, had a fun session, had a fun meeting, enjoyed a little NSS celebration of our clients before heading home. Incredibly generous donation to Relay from the huz of my much-missed friend Mary. I can't even explain why I think about her so often, other than because cancer fucking sucks. It was quite gratifying to see that donation coming from someone so impacted, and so large besides. I literally had tears in my eyes and a hand over my heart as I read the donation. A very good day.

Wednesday, March 16

Body: Bit sore, but mostly good. No hip issues from squatting. Left shoulder basically the same. Low back tight. Tired in afternoon.

Brain: Pretty good. Whipped through some easy/almost done tax returns in the AM, a good feeling; but got bogged down in a toughie all afternoon and my brain was like, "EFF THIS, what's that shiny thing over there?" Anything but the return in front of me...that started at 2pm. It was a loooong afternoon!

Tuesday, March 15

Body: Still feeling good. Wrists are ow both being little bitches, but didn't stop me from anything. Left shoulder slightly backward at end of day. Hip continues to feel good, so Dustin let me squat, although he made me stick with the empty bar (booo). Pulls were stagnant, but at least not backward. Bench was the smoothest 140 I could've imagined, should've tried for a second rep, but I was almost as shocked as Dustin at how quick & clean it was; plus, no failure, please. Woo hoo! Did flexed arm hangs and was able to get back up to 70 seconds (though it felt like my lats were gonna 'splode). I did snatches as well, easily logged 125 in 4:00, and then went looking up the winner of the TSC's numbers, and god damn I could do pretty well in this thing?

Except we are only doing a mock, so now I am busy asking myself if I want to do the actual, in the Cities, to get a ranking? But then I would not also do the mock, which means one less person, and it's probably already fairly small. Dustin mentioned the October one, but that's right before my 50k, and I won't count on my deadlift continuing to improve over the summer while also logging big trail miles - and I already decided I'm going all in on that 50k, dammit. I want to do it in order to see how well I can do, or do I want to do it to compete, to put my name up in those rankings?

Brain: Great day at NSS, finished up a drawn-out project and started some small/early pieces of major website stuff. Can't finish it, waiting for Mike, but at least I got some progress made. Good coworker chitchats. Big high from the great lifting. Visited the library, one of my favorite places on earth, and browsed new books, and found a secluded corner to read in near some loud vents (thus masking all other sounds), and was basically in heaven. At home: fetch with Lexi, snuggles with Clyde & Oscar & Hanky, time with hubs, and resetting my 2016 book-reading goal to an astronomical level (2 per week) because why not?

Monday, March 14

Body: Got up feeling really good, after another 9-hour night (so was Saturday night, PLUS I took a nap yesterday). Best I've ever felt on the Monday after DST, what a SHOCK to think you can plan for it! Long day, though, got home tired: no swings, no nada.

Brain: Solid. A little cranky about the darkness, but otherwise fine; probably the best mindset while arriving at the tax firm in the last two months. Got to interview an old coworker, one of my favorites, and chitchat about life, which was delightful. Hubs was home when I got home, also delightful; earliest he's gotten home from the new job so far.

Sunday, March 13

Body: Decent, mostly. Left wrist is fairly crank. Left shoulder mildly. Left hip only occasionally screams. Very little aching from yesterday, happily so. Lifting went well, in that I was able to squat without pain; empty bar, but sometimes even that is progress. Benching was okay. Deadlifting wasn't stellar, as I tested sumo; I think the body likes semi-sumo better. Logged a load of swings at the end that pretty well finished me. Napped solidly, then felt a little on the tired side for the rest of the day.

Brain: Decent. Got a whole lot accomplished. Lifting went well. Meal-prepped for the first time in ages. Finally bought a new laptop to replace the hunk o' junk I've been angry with for years now. All chores accomplished, including carnitas in the crockpot! A little writing, but no reading.

Saturday, March 12

Body: Feeling quite good. Helped by sleeping in, I'm sure! Little movement throughout the morning, then leashed up my pooches for a walk/run at LCSP. Felt excellent, since I walked up hills or down (depending) and after 3 miles began walking through shaded areas as well, being on the prairie section and starting to feel the heat (65F in the first part of March is NOT normal!). Did feel the deep-glute ache (right side) toward the end & afterward, but not so bad as to be worrisome - just kind of "there." Hips had nothing to say about any of it, which was nice.

Brain: Awesome. Slept in, and had my first Saturday off since New Year's weekend. Volunteered at Sweatin' For A Cause, which was beyond fun (Dustin & I ran the Tic Tac Toe game, which was a freaking BLAST), then an oil change, during which I strolled to the Grain Bin, then Caribou, then back, in lovely sunshine (across unlovely parking lots and grassy patches full of litter). Soon as I got home, I was jonesing to hit the trails. The perfect weather, the mud and puddles, the happy dogs, the NATURE OF IT ALL, was pure golden perfection. I actually felt the tug of trail running again, which has been missing. However, I am also glad the weather is turning back to crappy after this, because I need to focus on TSC, not trails - not just yet. The timing of it should hopefully line up well to allow a full-fledged return to trail love as soon as TSC is completed. In the eve, went to Jennah's party, then out to eat with hubs, one last little date before we clamp down on spending.

Friday, March 11

Body: Okay, but tired due to frustrations & long work day. Still logged 100 swings during fetch, though. I think I can get used to that.

Brain: Had a frustrating work day: computer spent my first 3 hours not working, on my busiest damn day! Once it finally did start to function, I felt like I was frantic all day, trying to catch up. Worked right up to 5pm, ugh. Then canceled my errands to come home and sit outside again.

Thursday, March 10

Body: Feeling pretty janky. Left hip went backward, by quite a bit. Tested crawls for the first time in ages and they were a no-go for the hip, plus the left wrist (angered on Sunday) was also immediately crank. Deadlifts felt heavy, chins were hard, but I rowed an 88-lb KB like it was light - which felt pretty damn good. Some day I'm climbing a rope, yo! Flexed arm hangs were much harder than they were before my week off (for right elbow).

Since there is definitely going to be a mock TSC in just two months, I decided to put some more focus into that by way of swings; do them on the reg, should help snatches, right? So at home, feeling like I wanted something, ANYthing to do outside, I brought out my KB and did SA swings. Just 100 in sets of 20, keeping it easy. Besides, I had a game of fetch to play. I also logged some dead-hang pulls to round my day up to 50, something I haven't wanted to do since December.

Brain: Good work day, although nervous about the workload coming my way, in the form of several projects that will be due before tax season ends so I'm not sure how I'll squeeze them in. Had much fun at NSS, including some great coworker chats.

Coming home feeling energized was a fresh feeling, something missing for many months now. Logging extra pulls, looking for an outside activity, updating my volume spreadsheet, all of my desire to do any of that has been missing. I actually thought about it quite a bit, and realized that I'm feeling the way I want to feel again. This is the me I want to be. I sure do hope I can keep it this way, because the miserable me was no fun to be.

Wednesday, March 9

Body: Decent. Poor sleep; up at 1a h/s/g, then woken at 330a, 430a, & finally 515a by my stupid GD pets. Debated LCSPing tonight but honestly I'm feeling like even if I could keep up with my TROUSers (been a month off, so surely not), I don't want to feel the after-effects tomorrow. While running regularly, aches & pains aren't too acute, the body learns to recover quickly, but with a month off, I'm going to feel it, and I don't want to feel it. I do miss HH & DQ & Ma Nature, but not enough to fuck with my deadlifts.

Brain: Decent. Long busy work day that included catching up with a buddy, which was nice (he reminds me a lot of my brother), but he likes to operate in the shady gray areas of Tax Land, and didn't seem thrilled when my answer to "What should it be?" was always "Whatever is accurate." Poor guy, stuck with a tax accountant who's ethical to the core!

Tuesday, March 8

Body: Pretty good, even thought I might squat today, but Dustin went home sick so I let Mike just go with the program. Good enough for a PR on lunges, not good enough to nail a matched PR on bench. Close, but not there. Also, on the cleans (to lunge), whatever I did on Sunday came back quickly, so I made Mike rack it for sets 3 & 4, rather than have me clean. It continued to hurt a bit into the afternoon. QLs a touch tight, but better than they've been. Shoulder doing better, no impact from bench. 

Brain: A good day at NSS. Chat with Timmy and plans to lunch. Quiet time to read with Clyde in my lap. Hubs chat. 

Monday, March 7

Body: Tight QLs, same pain in left Sartorius. Tired at 230p, but a snack helped me make it through. For supper I had a protein/banana/blueberry shake between DBB & NSS, and it actually did tide me over quite well. A solid experiment.

Brain: Decent, for a Monday spent on taxes. Got to to pop into NSS to help with a small sale, then the RFL meeting which was fine, but a bit tedious. At home, learned the hubs has already started his new job; sounds like it will be okay, if a little time for him to get used to it. I'm disappointed in the way he left his job, but given how rotten it had become, I can understand his need to just GTFO ASAP, and it's hard to hold it against him. Hope it turns out to be what he's been needing, and hope I can adjust to the lower pay more easily than I'm currently fearing.

Sunday, March 6

Body: Not enough sleep, because I went to bed late, but Hanky got me up early: 445, 530, 630, effing jerk. Body mostly decent, but left hip still extra off. Almost didn't want to lift, felt weirdly pressured to perform. But it's my ONE DAY to play. So I skipped lunges to work the hips & test squat movements; did 5x5 for bench & deadlift to avoid heavy/possible failure. I planned to do snatches for the first time in weeks, but calluses were screaming after only 15 reps each; I should try NSS's bells, handles are different. Also checked cleans just to see if it was something to play with, and seem to have cranked my left wrist a bit, so that was a crappy ending. Talked hubs into LCSP-ing with the dogs, which wasn't awesome because Hank kept dragging me along and I had bad form for most of it, and got cranky. Still, it seemed smarter to take a walk with them than to try running and be sad at how hard it is. Napped when we got home, because I could. QLs tight in eve; pretty sure that's a result of the bad form while walking.

Brain: Okay. Spent morning paying bills and projecting finances given hubs' job change, and was reduced to a fearful zombie-stare at our spending levels. I feel like considering going FT at NSS isn't even a possibility for me (because I can't take a salary cut from my current level, and they can't really justify paying me at my current level) until hubs finds side money, or establishes more OT than I'm expecting at this point. That is a shitty feeling, to have the decision taken away from me. But maybe I can find spending to cut. (I mean, I know I can, I just don't want to take away all the fun.)

Saturday, March 5

Body: Left hip is weird, feels strained on outside in a way it hasn't for quite a while, but it's pretty strange since I did nothing yesterday. Left shoulder a touch crankier than it's been. Quite tired by mid-day; went home early to nap with kittens.

Brain: Another Saturday at the tax firm, mixing it up by doing Dad's bookwork over lunch. Thrilling.

SIDEBAR: Actually, I spent most of the day completely frustrated by a combo of shitty bookkeeping and shady [presumed] tax evasion. Some business owners run personal expenses through a business, lowering their taxes, which is effectively stealing from the rest of us who pay our honest amount. And yet it's cool, accepted, they'd probably tell me straight to my face that they do it. This is against the law, not to mention unethical, and they have no shame in it. Fuck them. Fuck them so hard; they are THIEVES.


Left early to nap, not even 7 hours worked, couldn't even care. Afterward, watched It's Always Sunny episodes with the fam: excellent.

Friday, March 4

Body: Decent. Pleased to take a rest day. Extra standing all night while at the fish fry.

Brain: Solid day at NSS. Mid-day break to lunch with SM which was super fucking delightful. SUPER! Egg delivery from my BB & her GP. Was entertained by Dustin's wee girls, while I stayed late to meet parents at the fish fry. Ran into some old coworkers, one of whom nearly tackled me and gave me a hugely huge hug, which made me feel pretty good. Stayed late enough to pay for $85 worth of silent auction bids, then got home in time to get ready for bed. And was left a VM that I won still more bid(s). Oops.

Thursday, March 3

Body: Decent. Went into session with some trepidation, expecting crappiness for some reason, but it was mostly good. Chins hard, deadlifts not flying up, but to "settle" for 225x2 is a great place to be. And I nailed my rows and thus should get a heavier weight next week!

Brain: Pretty darn good. Better than in a long time. Much fun at NSS. Long convo with hubs about his job sitch. Assured him he could take the job offer or stay where he is, either way I don't care, but pumping cannot be status quo, I will not allow another season where my hubs is so depressed that he turns completely numb. Unacceptable. 

Wednesday, March 2

Body: Better than I expected it to feel after yesterday's session, found myself bracing for pain as I got out of bed, but nothing came. All other aches about the same. Feeling very tired, though.

Brain: Meh. Woke naturally but got up a little on the tired & cranky side. Political anger: that fool #Drumpf is a fucking arrogant asshole of a person, and people think he should be our GD president?! He is a joke. A sick, terrible, not-funny joke. But I do not have energy to blow on this; let the ambitious get up in arms, and I will be a shitty citizen who is too involved in her own life to care. Got to DBB with anxiety about 4 back-to-back appointments with unknown clients that I was NOT looking forward to, but one canceled, 2 were fine (almost fun?) and 1 was just an odd duck. Wasn't as productive as usual with all the interruptions, though: not how I like to work. At home, much relaxing with critters, but a touch of angst over hubs and job. 

Tuesday, March 1

Body: Still just all-over MEH though nothing is currently sharply angry. QLs truly didn't like lunges in session, like I was genuinely not sure I should be doing them, kept weight the same and sets 3 & 4 were much improved. Bench went totes fucking awesome. Logged FAH but right elbow got crank toward end, and I know it was vaguely crank last week, so I didn't do the additional sets.

Brain: Better. Silly texts with Chief in the AM. Good meeting. Coworker silliness. Coworker awesomeness. Good chat with the client who was feeling so poorly last week. Good session. Much work accomplished even though I felt overwhelmed for part of the day. Friday lunch date set w/ SM. Silliness trying to figure out the March pet lift (Lexi lost her shit when I tried to pick her up). Snuggles with pets in a silent house. Hubs chat about job possibilities (for him).