Wednesday, February 17

Body: Sore from lunges. Didn't think about hip all day. Didn't think about neck until 7pm; it is just a touch tight. 

Brain: Stable. Lovely message from Dustin in response to me telling him I'll come in late tomorrow because I need to see hubs. Said hubs on his way home, potentially home by midnight! So much work I can't really think/dwell which is important in such times. But I still decided to try something, and wrote messages on my knees. (What, weirdo? Why?) Well, because then when I am hiding in the bathroom where I could cry...there are messages reminding me why I don't need to. And I needed it after all, because the morning was spent working on a tax return that was a convoluted metric ton of disaster that made me feel like I must be a fucking moron. But by the end of the day I felt victorious, and grateful that I am not the boss man who has to call and tell the dude he owes the government $170k - in two weeks. Some FB silliness, some text silliness, some fake ice cream and a good book...a much better day.

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