Wednesday, February 10

Body: Slight ache in glutes due to lunges: I'll take it! Hips feeling better. Shoulder a bit crank while sleeping, but not bad, given yesterday's bench. Yesterday registration opened for the Wild Duluth 50k. Today, I was the first registrant. No time to dawdle and question the smarts of it, I AM DOING THIS THING and the decision has been made. Evening run with my beasties went well, but the last mile was sketchy on the right ITB, and afterward the left-ham insertion area, way up in the glute, was twangy. Not cool.

Brain: Solid. Busy day o' taxes, lunch with the parents - I almost said no because needed to leave early to run, but I asked myself, "Does the extra half hour lunch break MEAN anything?" and realized NO IT DOES NOT. I have to shuck the heavy-ass cloak of responsibility and do what I need to do, and I know this, but it's hard. The run was delightful fun with my ol' running pals chitchatting about the silly road marathon they're running on poor training, in 90F. And we talked dogs and my dogs did really well and it was just wonderful, only missing BK & BL to really perfect it. Silence at home: golden.

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