Thursday, February 25

Body: Face is breaking out again, and it's either AZ or protein powder (has stevia) or both. I will keep up the protein and see if that's it, because I need more damn protein in my diet.

Right rib/shoulder better though not quite normal. Left shoulder better, didn't think about pool noodle while driving. Hips felt a little improved but still some weirdness in left, really thinking it's sartorius. 

Had a solid session with Dustin, deadlifts feeling easy, 185 all "I could do this all day, bitchez." Almost psyched myself out since 235 pinned me a few weeks ago, but I managed 235x2, and had more in the tank. FAH a tiny bit backward.

Brain: More solid, thanks to a great NSS day. Had some low moments, but much rarer than the past weeks. Pets time, reading time, hubs time.

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