Thursday, February 18

Body: Hip still there, right shoulder still a bit tight. Session went really well, though. Yay! Some left shoulder angst toward end of day.

Brain: So much better, I can't even tell you. Woke at 3a to a HUBS AT HOME and snuggled. Woke him up after I breakfasted so I could have a good day - and I did. I felt normal. It was super dee duper wonderful to just feel NORMAL. More of that, hopefully. Had a good day of work (although I felt like I accomplished nothing, for some reason), which included coffee with CJ and a very normal session and more chitchat than usual with Timmy, and at the end of the day I was a listening ear to a coworker who doesn't normally chat a lot with me. It was so damn nice to feel like myself. Some silly texting, and a weekend date planned with the hubs. Couch time with my critters and a book: happiness.

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