Thursday, February 11

Body: Got out of bed hurting pretty good from the run: deep left glue, left foot. Bleah; Lexi moved better than I did this morning! It went away, mostly. Left hip felt a little improved, shoulder actually felt a LOT improved, and then in my session I fell apart. So hard not to just curl into a ball and bawl. I'm just so frustrated with my body. WHAT am I doing WRONG?!

Brain: The day started really well: coffee w/ CJ, busy doing misc admin-y things, perfecting my kickass spreadsheet, fab meeting with Mike about a couple marketing things & website additions, delegated a task I didn't want to do anyway, got a free turkey egg from Dustin. And then the session made me fall apart pretty hard. Held myself together better than I expected, but it was always RIGHT THERE, just under the surface. I hate how I can have zero perspective on things like this, my brain just always jumps to OH NO NOT AGAIN, HOW MANY MONTHS THIS TIME and I don't know how to change that. Hating on myself tonight, body & brain both.

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