Sunday, February 21

Body: Got up short on sleep (went to bed late due to movie, then up at 5a with dogs, tried to go back to sleep but they needed out again before 6a, WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS JERK), and cranky, and a little creaky. In the basement, my warm-up and TGUs weren't feeling awesome, but then I killed all the lifts and returned upstairs feeling like a superhero. I also promptly ate a big lunch and then took a 2-hour nap.

The deadlifts especially made me so happy. My BB deadlift PR was set in my powerlifting meet of (4? 5?) years ago. Then I think I got hurt or something put me out of deadlifts altogether (maybe all that foolish Boston Marathon training), then I tried to go back to heavy on the BB last summer and got hurt, so instead I went inside the trapbar, where I progressed up to 300. I then returned to the BB, but Chief has kept me on blocks, first at 4" and now at 2". At home, meanwhile, I've been pulling from the floor and basing my weights on both the prior Thursday with Chief and how I feel that Sunday. I'm so pleased that it is proving to work! Especially after the recent couple of weeks with the cranked neck and bout of depression, it's wonderful to feel significant progress.

I still can't squat without pinching in the hip flexors, but since lunges seem to be a fun challenge for now, whatevs. I know I should be doing something about this, and I know a visit to James or even just concentrated sessions of mobility & stretching can help, but I have been so seriously shot every night I get home from DBB that I just...can't. Maybe if the depression remains at bay I can find some mental strength to do what I should be doing.

Brain: Mostly good, despite the little tangent above. I didn't leave the house. I lifted heavy weights. I read some. I had a fabulous nap with my kitties snugged in tightly. I got minimal chores done and didn't care that it "wasn't enough." I wrote some and didn't care that it wasn't perfect.

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