Saturday, February 6

Body: Woke h/s/g again. I think this is happening because my suppers are too carb-filled, which is challenging to change because my brain seems to Need Carbz. But I am out of potato chips, so I will keep them out, and that shall help get me back on track with protein & veg as primary intake. RIGHT hip was pinchy on steps today, are you goddamn kidding me?

Brain: Another Saturday at the tax firm while everyone else plays. So, you know: awesome. Actually it wasn't so bad, was able to fix up a messy QB file and do the return in only 9 hours, compared to 16 for the same file last year - win! At home, ate with the hubs, read on the couch with the hubs & Clyde, and laughed at the Hankster.

Some things I'm finding to help the brain: shut off the audiobook sometimes. Too much constant chatter in my background is bad. Have been avoiding the NS podcasts to see if that helps the body image issues. Been hiding even more people on FB - which results in less time on FB, so there's a win inside the win. Using my "sunlight" lamp thingy in the mornings as I get ready. Regular intake of supplements: dessicated liver, cod liver oil, & vitamin D (as espoused by Stefani [and others]). It's all helping.

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