Saturday, February 27

Body: Awake h/s/g at 1a. I blame the sobfest at 7p. Took a long while to fall back, but then I managed to sleep until 6a. Thanks, Hankypank! Didn't really want to run, but wanted to escape into some sunshine, so I did what I could. Had some deep right glute anger afterward. Mild, but it actually made me glad I hadn't gone farther or ran more, because I do NOT want running to mess with tomorrow's lifting. Shoulders both a bit better, left hip improving slightly.

Brain: Okay. Sleeping in, sunshine, some silly texting with Chief, these things all helped me make it to work. Really hoped the run would magically feel easy, but it didn't, which was not a surprise. Mostly kept my perspective. Left a touch early, got to play some fetch and find the ball that Lexi had lost a couple months back. But then I had to drive hubs to get his truck in Villard, and that was shockingly draining. I didn't feel like I had energy to DRIVE. Ugh. After supper, went directly to couch and watched documentary on national parks, with zero brain power left. So fucking tired of feeling like this.

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