Monday, February 15

Body: Some sore muscles from yesterday's lifting: upper back, glutes, QLs (though that may be from standing?). More sitting than usual today, due to tax interviews. Got NINE hours of sleep by setting my alarm late and seeing what happened. I woke at my usual 5a, thought I'd doze for a while and somehow it was 6a before I looked again. Whoa! Luckily, getting to work 45 minutes later than normal is still WAY early for that place. And I think I'll keep doing that on my taxy mornings...assuming, of course, Hank allows it.

Brain: Much better. Capable. Busy with work and no time to dwell on anything. Some texting & email & FB silliness. Work task that had made me anxious - but that went well. Excitement for the work, despite the stress at the overload. Quiet time with critters & a good book. 

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