Friday, February 19

Body: Still some glute soreness. Tightness in QLs, lower back. Hip still pinches. Right neck a little tighter than yesterday. (That's a lot to report on.) Woke h/s/g at 1am but fell back easily after the half cookie, water, bathroom visit.

Brain: Decent, but tired & unmotivated by noon already. A little cranky. Not sure why.

Weighed myself today for the first time in probably a year, and am 150, not 145 as thought. I don't actually CARE what I weigh (95% of the time), but that means my bodyweight bench press goal just went from 145 (which I missed a couple weeks ago) to 150. GAH.

The day finished off on high notes, though: left work a few minutes early (what?!) for a date with the hubs. We took in the 4:10 pm showing of Deadpool (awesome, as enthused by Chief, BK, & Justen), and took out supper from Qdoba, to be eaten in front of begging doggies at home. And I still had time to read, with a Clyde in my lap and fake ice cream going into my belly.

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