Friday, February 12

Body: Neck/shoulder/traps were a bit of a problem overnight, and when I woke h/s/g at 130a (and not surprised about it), I took some more outdated ibuprofen. Didn't need any after getting up for the day, though, as it had improved greatly: back to the right side only, and merely tight rather than painfully locked up. Considered logging the missed FAHs, but decided to let them go. Laziness in the eve after a long workday.

Brain: Managed to start the day in a better place than I ended Thursday, though still fairly low. Lunched with Timmy & Mac, but that didn't help a whole lot. What DID help was afternoon chitchat with Dustin, although I fully resisted at first, as he was asking questions that made me want to just bawl; afternoon tiredness led me that close to full depletion again. But then he steered it off into other directions and it was just a nice convo about everything from software to muscle-ups to taxes to vacations. I just seriously love that guy, he is truly as important to me as my family. Plus that's TWO boss-boy convos in one week that fully reinforce how vital NSS is to me. I followed THAT with an extended chitchat with Miss Paige, and I went about my few errands with newfound energy. At home, I stumbled across something I decided to nominate the boss boys for, so I spent well over an hour writing about how awesome they are. THAT was a way to cap off a day: full of love, wrapped in it, reveling in it.

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