Wednesday, January 27

Body: Up before 5a, AGAIN, what the eff, Hank?! Shoulder continues to be happier than its recent past. Hip continues to be a problem. Sticked it last night, will try to at least be doing that daily, since "nothing" doesn't seem to be helping it. A couple blemishes surfacing, for which I blame the Arctic Zero, as I had one every other day or so in the past week, as a test. So SOMETIMES a pint of AZ is fine, but MANYTIMES of AZ is no bueno. I guess I can live with that.

Left work early, dashed home for my pooches, and met my running besties for a fun outing. Body did a lot better than I expected, as did Miss Lexi.

Brain: Decent, though tired. Looking for distractions all day. Lunched with the parental units. Happy dogs, happy time with friends.

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