Wednesday, January 20

Body: Pretty good. Shoulder a teensy step backward, using the pool noodle to drive to work, but I didn't NEED it need it. Some squat soreness, some bench soreness, but purely recovering muscles, no worries.

Brain: HA HA! I typed "July" instead of "January." I FUCKING WISH. Also, sleep has been a bit crappy lately, so I think that explains ^that^. Grabbed some groceries before work, in an effort to have mental energy for a workout when I get home. It was weird to be the only customer at Coborn's, but the clerk & I had a nice chat about how I prepare my shaved Brussels sprouts (in bacon grease, with eggs). Got to DBB and a huge pile of work, and my first reaction was, "YES, FINALLY!" The long day flew by and I arrived home happy, but I still didn't want to do a workout. Finished a book instead. Oh, well.

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